Here’s a great piece of wildlife photography, if I do say so myself, made during my travels in Asia. White western chick finds lapdog Asian BetaHubby to sire and raise her spawn.

Some Observations:
(1). She’s 2 inches taller than BetaHubby

(2). She wears the pants

(3). He wears the shorts (I’m told that men rarely wear shorts in this country even in summer)

4. The Harness of Discipline

5. (Leash attaches here)

6. She’s only taken the baby because she’s about to breast-feed it (I witnessed)

7. He can’t breast-feed, but he CAN do EVERYTHING ELSE

Here’s a link to a copy of the pic with the observations included — send it to whomever it will annoy the most!
White Chick With Asian BetaHubby


While I’m in the process of setting up this blog, I’d like you to read “What Is Man?” by Mark Twain. To me it is The Key, The Answer To Everything, The Root Of All That Is Human. Your response to it will partially determine whether or not you will enjoy your time here at OstroNova’s.

Mark Twain’s “What Is Man?”